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Smart Drink Station

Smart Drink Station

FRUCTOMAT is a very cost efficient drink dispensing system that can be equipped with the GANTNER Access Terminal for cashless payment.

Upon pressing a button the FRUCTOMOAT prepares the selected drink made of concentrate and fresh water. The choices of the drink can be from the following range:

  • Sports drink with fat burning L-carnitine
  • Fruit juices in different flavours
  • Different tea flavours

FRUCTOMAT is currently present in more than 25 countries around the world and established itself as the leading alternative to traditional vending units. A sensation in Europe, FRUCTOMAT has sold several thousand machines and has satisfied countless customers.

FRUCTOMAT key benefits compared to conventional vending machines:

  • Up to 8 times longer operation until re-filling required
  • Lower stock keeping costs
  • Minimum maintenance effort
  • Minimum sanitation efforts and highest hygiene in drink preparation
  • Massive saving in energy consumption
  • Easy operations
  • Fully integrated with Gantner cashless payment
  • Higher profitability
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