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Smart Access Control

Smart Access Control

The GAT check-in/check-out terminals from Gantner Technologies give you a quick, easy and secure overview. A chip acts as the entry card. Integrated into a wristband or a card, it stays with the visitor from the moment he or she joins your club and is used for identification, also for different applications and personalised service.

This allows the club operator to know:

  • Who is coming in
  • Who is leaving
  • Who is currently working out
  • Does every visitor really have a valid membership

The terminals are easy to use, with a variety of elegant models which can be built into any type of architecture. Simply hold the wristband or card in front of the reader and the system checks the user’s access authorisation against their membership.

With the specially for gyms designed fingerprint solution you can prevent any unwanted entry.

The GANTNER SMART ACCESS system allow authorised check in / check out, usage of changing room lockers in addition of providing valuable data for targeted and optimised marketing.

 Key features:

  • The chip bracelet or card as entry ticket, electronic wallet or locker key
  • Entry to the facility with valid ”admission ticket“ only
  • Real-time overview of visitor numbers
  • Fingerprint validation to eliminate unwanted entries
  • Staff are relieved of administrative work, which allows them to focus on professional and personal  customer service
  • Check-In/Out data as useful information for optimized marketing


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