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Portable Nurse Call

Portable Nurse Call

Mobile and Safe

Unlike conventional nurse call systems with a pull cord by the bed side, which restricts the mobility and freedom of the patient, our portable nurse call system LIBERTY allows full mobility without compromising the safety of the patient.

Geriatric centres and elderly care homes will be more and more common in the near future to provide quality care for the aging population. Some of the challenges faced by such facilities are:

  • Longer response time by staff due to mobility of the resident
  • Lower staff to resident ratio

How it works

It comes with a wristband or a bracelet (patient tag) with one button to call for nurse assistance or for emergency. The nurse is able to view the patient’s call from tablet or android phone apart from the general view at the nurse counter. Ambulatory and independent movement with minimal supervision is encouraged with this system for pos-surgery patient as patient can call for help at one button away, even when patient is far from bed or in case of fall incidence.

Residents in the elderly care centre are allowed to move freely within the facility unless to unauthorised areas. The facility is equipped with the Liberty Portable Nurse Call system and the residents wear a tag (wristband or pendant). In the event of emergency or unwell, the resident presses the tag to reach out for the staff.

The location of the resident (i.e. in the room or garden) is located by the system and the staff in-charge can directly reach out to the resident to offer assistance in shorter response time.


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