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Gat Eco.Side Lock

Gat Eco.Side Lock
GAT ECO.SIDE LOCK for Patients Valuables:

Very often patients admitted into a healthcare facility have the following concerns regarding safety of their valuables:

  1. Where do I keep my valuables? (bag, purse, mobile phone, I Pad, house keys, jewellery, etc.)
  2. How do I lock / secure my valuables?
  3. Where do I keep the key of my cabinet / locker?
  4. How do I access to my valuables if the key is lost?

At some hospitals the valuables are hold by the staff at the reception counter. But who is responsible in case some valuables are lost at the reception counter?

Such concerns can be addressed by the introduction of the GAT ECO.SIDE LOCK into healthcare facilities which conveniently and safely secures bedside tables, lockers and cabinets.

The GAT ECO.SIDE LOCK is the world’s first battery lock with:

  1. Up to 10 year battery life (maintenance free up to 10 years)
  2. Acoustic alarm function
  3. In-locker mounting (easily fit into any existing furniture)
  4. Vandal proof

Patients will be given a waterproof wristband or card that function as a key to open and close the locker, cabinet or the bedside table.

Operators of healthcare facilities can do away with the troubles of key management and loss of keys. The GAT ECO.SIDE LOCK can be easily mounted into any existing furniture from patient’s room to day care centre, imaging centre and executive screening units or event staffs lockers.  GAT ECO.SIDE LOCK can transform a facility with built-in multiple compartment lockers into a patient medication cabinet as well.

GAT ECO.SIDE LOCK for Staff lockers:

The beauty of the system for staff lockers would be to encourage the sharing of lockers in free locker mode. This is possible as the lock can be programmed to only allow one data carrier (either a card or wristband) to occupy one cabinet / locker at one time. Once the shift is over, the staffs are required to clear the locker for the staffs of the following shift to occupy the available locker. With this solution, healthcare facilities do not face the issue of shortage of staff lockers when the head count is expanding.

The lock can be programmed to have a dedicated locker for non-sharing usage as well.
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GAT EcoSideLock

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