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Child Protection

Child Protection

Child safety is our concern too

E-Health2u provides a safe and convenient solution for the safety of your child, with our E-call emergency phone.

What is E-Call?

E-Call is a device with built-in functions characteristic of a mobile phone and an integrated assisted GPS (A-GPS) receiver. This device is intended for the protection and surveillance of people and objects.

E-Call comes with a panic button which allows automatic dialling up to 5 telephone numbers. If the first pre-configured number is not responding, the call will be escalated to the next number in the pre-configured list. It allows special settings to bar unauthorised numbers from calling the carrier.

This unique feature allows only authorised numbers of family members / care giver to reach the children. This prevents disturbance during classes or where mobile phone usage is prohibited or restricted. It also prevents the children from calling unauthorised numbers.

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  • Emergency Call
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